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Life in Tūhaitara Coastal Park 

Tūhaitara Coastal Park features a diversity of ecosystems, encompassing fore and back dunes, exotic pine plantations, native coastal stands, and a coastal freshwater network comprising wetlands and Tūtapatu lagoon, which links to the Waimakariri and Ashley Rakahuri Braided Rivers via streams.


The Trust has a 200 year plan to rehabilitate and restore the lands to an indigenous coastal ecosystem similarly to what existed historically, to help support New Zealands diverse and unique range of native flora and fauna species while also providing sustainable mahinga kai.


Rhipidura fuliginosa

A friendly messenger or companion during your time in the park.


Native birds help assist restoration efforts through seed dispersal of native flora.

Nyctemera annulata

The caterpillar that freezes itself to surive New Zealands colder weather.


Native moths help our native plants reproduce by moving pollen between plants. 

seal pup.jpg

Arctocephalus forsteri

They had a near miss with extinction and often celebrate life by soaking in the sun.


Native seals help with nutrient cycling and water mixing in our oceans, contributing towards healthy and balanced oceans.

Dolomedes minor

Their greatest party trick is definetly their ability to walk on water, spot their nests on the tips of shrubs along our trails. 


Native spiders help keep ecosystems healthy and stable by regulating prey populations. 

Dolomedes minor (Nursery web spider).jpg
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